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RPL Service

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) Service

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) is the process that acknowledges the skills and abilities that you have built up, which includes both formal and non-formal learning, along with work experience and volunteering. It helps you to obtain a nationally recognized qualification.

Who’s Eligible for RPL?

If you’ve undergone a qualification in a particular area, worked in a position that’s enabled you to undergo industry relevant tasks, or simply been trained in-house through a company you’ve previously worked for; you may be eligible to apply for Recognition of Prior Learning through a course you’re interested in taking part in.

If the evidence is relevant to the course you’re interested in, this information will be assessed by the Registered Training Organization (RTO) running the course and they will determine whether you’re a suitable applicant. If they find your experience equivalent to the units, you can obtain credits towards your chosen course, and essentially, complete it in next to no time.

Get your Formal Qualification from your past Skills, Knowledge and Experiences. Apply today!

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